September 2022

Review by Just Some Punk Songs of Petrolhead: Every time they release new music, it never fails to impress... they deserve to find a wider audience.

May 2022

Gig review in Oxfordshire Music Scene: With an onstage verve and confidence well-honed from live work, WKNJ are definitely a band worth seeking out.

28th October 2020

Review in Public Pressure of I See Six: A visceral gut-punch, aimed squarely at the increasing trend of doublespeak... I See Six might provide you with some needed catharsis.

15th August 2020

Review by The RingMaster Review of I See Six: ...easily the richest and most essential moment with Who Killed Nancy Johnson? yet.

August 2020

Review in Suspect Device of I See Six: ...clear and dynamic sound, with the songs bringing to mind some of the music Jello Biafra has been involved with, especially Guantanamo School Of Medicine and occasionally Dead Kennedys... although they are a new band to me I am eager to hear more.

July 2020

Review in Issue Punkzine #109 of I See Six: They continue to rise and rise some more... this is their best CD to date... fast and angry and full of power and energy.

1st June 2020

Review by AJ Phink on of I See Six: [I See Six] has the same hallmarks of eloquent rage and dissent that 'Plastic Surgery Disasters' era Dead Kennedys delivered... an unpredictable, claustrophobic and original manifesto... their finest recordings to date, [an album] that sits deservedly amongst the best full lengths I’ve heard this year.

19th April 2020

Review by Just Some Punk Songs of advance tracks from I See Six: It's always great when you hitch your wagon to a new band that you think has potential and then go on to feature them over the years as every release improves upon the last.

March 2020

Interview in Safely Pin magazine, #6: When I saw [WKNJ] again about twelve months later the transformation was frankly remarkable... the energy of the band was on a totally different level.

10th February 2020

Gig Review in Scene Sussex: I have seen these guys a few times now and I am always staggered with the ferocity and power they deliver... strap them into their instruments and they become an unstoppable force.

7th December 2019

Review by Just Some Punk Songs of the Punish/Clown EP: favourite release by them thus far... the music is bloody powerful.

June 2019

Gig review in Nü Pollution #1: REEAAALLY GOOD!! That's what I call a fuckin show... and the tunes are really fuckin awesome too. Very atmospheric, lots of good storytelling in the lyrics.

25th May 2019

Carrie from London Lens TV interviews Stefan (vocals) post-gig outside the New Cross Inn

28th April 2019

Gig Review on Who Killed Nancy Johnson?... took stuff I love and took it in a different direction. I saw 80's punk mixed with the post-punk bands of the Lung, Big Black, Killdozer ilk but with a groove and rhythm seldom found in the world of punk. It might sound like arse licking but fuck it. I fucking loved their set.

6th April 2019

Gig Review in Brighton & Hove News: I hadn’t heard this band before tonight and I have to say that I really love the sound... Stefan is a great performer and deliverer for this band... So glad I made it to this one tonight.

6th April 2019

Gig review in Scene Sussex: These guys hit the sweet spot for me when we met in Brighton back in July 2017... the music had got harder and tougher... nowhere is 'safe' in a WKNJ set! ...[they] closed with the mighty 'Blood In The Soil'. The music soared as did the vocals as Pete did his best to plunge the room into darkness by walloping the overhead lights with his guitar. But hell yeah, that is Who Killed Nancy Johnson?

13th March 2019

Wayne Elliott on Pulsebeat 117: Who Killed Nancy Johnson? just keep getting better.

13th March 2019

Gig review in Brighton & Hove News: Think Wire, Dead Kennedys, Killing Joke and you’ll be somewhere in the ballpark of where WKNJ's roots lie. Ball plants himself firmly in the centre of the room commanding attention from the strays still at the bar and we’re straight into opener ‘Rothmans’... but it’s with ‘Who Killed Nancy Johnson’ that they really catch fire. ‘Pretending To Like People‘ and the rousing ‘Blood in the Soil’ finish off an amazing set. Their punk roots may be firmly in the past, but WKNJ are a bright hope for the future.

24th February 2019

Review of Pretending to Like People off the They Reap Sessions EP, in the Just Some Punk Songs blog: It's damn good... their music is an impressive post punk barrage of jittery guitar and frantic drumming. Influences include The Stooges, The Ruts, Wire, Magazine etc., song structures are ambitious and lyrically they impress.

March 2018

Review of Flat Earth Theory EP, in Lights Go Out #54: This EP is seriously well recorded, they've done a fine job there, but musically does it cut the mustard as they say? I am pleased to report that it sure does. it's powerful yet melodic and for sure this lot would be well received up Blackpool on the Rebellion line-up, if they haven't done it already of course. With a post-punk sound and a real sense of energy behind the songs I would imagine live this lot are a real decent outfit.

March 2018

Review of Flat Earth Theory EP, in Issue Punkzine #95: All the tracks are quality stuff. The songs are all very different, so these guys are definitely more than a one-trick pony. They also have a good bit of "live" vitality about them and I wonder if they have actually been recorded semi-live.

11th January 2018

Interview with Pete Moulton (guitar) in 4.52am issue 066

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