are a​ ​​​Reading-based high-energy ​punk/post-punk band, and an incendiary live act.

"It's really worth getting to see these guys" - Punkarolla

"An impressive post punk barrage of jittery guitar and frantic drumming" - Just Some Punk Songs

Influences range from early British art punk (Wire, Magazine, Gang of Four, Killing Joke) to later US bands like Black Flag, Fugazi and the Adolescents, right up to current acts like No Problem and Idles.

Since 2016 the band has gigged in the UK, Italy and France, averaging 50 gigs a year until COVID slammed on the brakes; gigging resumed in late 2021.

Releases so far: Cops and Robbers (EP, 2017), Flat Earth Theory (EP, 2018), Eponymous (compilation album, 2018), They Reap Sessions (EP, 2019), Sounds of the Suburbs split 12” (EP, 2019), Punish the Poor & Clown (EP, 2019), I See Six (album, 2020), Petrolhead (single, 2022). Most of the songs for a new album for 2023 have been written.

"Quality stuff" - IssuePunkZine

"Grade A punk rock ecstasy" - Spirit Level

Who Killed Nancy Johnson are Stefan BALL - vocals; Pete MOULTON - guitar; Sarah MOULTON - bass; Mark WREN - drums. The question mark is optional.

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