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  • How to grow shepherd's purse?
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  • During the planting season, shepherd's purse can be cultivated in the Yangtze River Basin in three seasons: spring, summer, and autumn. Spring cultivation is sown from late February to late April of the following year, summer cultivation is sown from early July to late August, and autumn cultivation is sown from early September to early October. If plastic greenhouse cultivation is used, it can be sown at any time from early October to early February of the following year.

    Land selection and preparation

    Choose plots with good drainage, fertility, and few weeds for planting, and avoid continuous cropping. Apply decomposed organic fertilizer of 22.5-30.0 t/hm2 before sowing, lightly plow and rake to form a flat plot. Shepherd's purse field management

    (1)Watering: Shepherd's purse seeds are small and easily affected by soil moisture. Before emergence, it is necessary to pay attention to watering and moisturizing. The watering time should be better in the morning when the dew is not dry. The principle of "light watering and frequent watering" should be followed for watering, and it cannot be watered thoroughly at once. It should be watered every 1-2 days.

    (2)Weeding: Shepherd's purse plants are short and often overgrown with weeds, making chemical weeding difficult and affecting the quality of the vegetable. Therefore, in management, it is necessary to frequently cultivate and pull out the grass to achieve early, small, and pulled out. Do not wait for the grass to grow and press the seedlings.

    (3)Fertilization: Generally, seedlings emerge 3-4 days after autumn sowing and 6-15 days after spring sowing. When the seedling has 2 true leaves, the first topdressing should be applied with 0.3% urea solution of 15t/hm2. The second topdressing should be applied 7-10 days before harvest. In the future, after each harvest, the fertilization concentration can be appropriately increased. The harvesting period of autumn sown shepherd's purse is relatively long, and it can be fertilized 4 times, with the same amount of fertilizer applied each time as spring sown shepherd's purse. Shepherd's purse harvesting management

    Shepherd's purse is harvested in stages, with large leaves and small ones selected for each harvest. Plants should be evenly and appropriately harvested. Shepherd's purse is sown in early autumn and can be harvested in 10-13 true leaves. It is supplied to the market in early September and takes 30-35 days from sowing to harvesting. Afterwards, it is harvested 4-5 times in stages until the end of harvesting in late March of the following year. Autumn Shepherd's purse sown in early October grows slowly as the temperature gradually decreases, and it is only harvested after 45-60 days. Harvesting can continue twice in the future, Spring shepherd's purse sown in late February is harvested and supplied to the market in early April, while those sown in late April are harvested in late May. Spring shepherd's purse is generally harvested 1-2 times.

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